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Labor-Saving Lifter
Labor-Saving Lifter
Labor-Saving Lifter
Labor-Saving Lifter
Labor-Saving Lifter
Labor-Saving Lifter
Labor-Saving Lifter
Labor-Saving Lifter

Labor-Saving Lifter

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Labor-Saving Lifter

  • Arm Precision Clamping Tool is a new product, giving craftsmen of most trades a helping hand. A miniature jack for holding, supporting, squeezing, and adjusting a wide variety of items.
  • Well-suited for the installation of doors, windows, storage systems, cold storage counters, ventilation systems, and probably lots of other stuff. 


  • Super Efficiency

Make decoration faster, fast tiling, improve tiling efficiency, save working time.

  • Strong Bearing Capacity

Net weight 500g, capacity up to 100 kg / 260 lb.

  • Strong Spring

Durable, enhance service life, high strength spring, wear resistance, bear strength, long service life.

  • One Button Lifting

Height-free adjustment, precise positioning, 5-115 mm adjustable height, simple operation, easy to press, one button-down.

  • Integrated Handle

Strong and sturdy, durable, load-bearing strengthening design. Stable Base: wide and thick steel base, strong balance force, stable, no overturning, no sliding.



Material  Hardened stainless steel
Capacity up to 100 kg = 260 lb
Weight 0.5KG
Package 1 PC Lifter

"At first, I thought I only used the armrest of the cabinet. However, since they are placed in a tool trailer, I will continue to find more uses for them. They are incredible in size and versatile! It is best to put them in a tool trailer. "

- Aron J

"I doubt it, but this tool helps me in many situations. It does have many applications. The build quality is definitely a plus, the tool is robust and durable. When you consider saving time on certain tasks, this is a quality tool that can justify a reasonable price."

- Philip


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